23 Nov : He proved plants have life

Plants are just like us. They can’t move, but they can feel the happy and sad moods. They can feel our love and hatred. They are hurt when cut and appease when nourished. He demonstrated that plants are also sensitive to heat, cold, light, noise and various other external stimuli.  This was proved by Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose. He was an eminent Indian scientist. He died today in 1937. Bose used his invention the Crescograph to prove that plant’s have life. He was the first Indian to get American patent. He was a physicist, biologist, biophysicist, botanist and archaeologist. At … Continue reading 23 Nov : He proved plants have life

17 Nov : Hence proved ! ‘Mouse’ and Computer are old pals

It was official today in 1970 that a mouse can make it easier to work on a computer. American engineer Douglas Engelbert recieved patent for his X-Y indicator for a display system, more commonly known as a mouse. Engelbert called it a mouse because of it’s shape and it’s cord which looked like a tail.  Although the mouse has lost its tail now and is now wireless.  The mouse was first prototyped in 1964, but wasn’t demoed till 1968 and was not included in a commercial computer till 1981. Apple first brought the mouse to a personal computer with the … Continue reading 17 Nov : Hence proved ! ‘Mouse’ and Computer are old pals

14 Oct : Smile please – Click…Click…Click

In this digital age, do you remember the camera with a photographic film that needed to be processed after all pictures were clicked. It even needed to be protected from exposure to white light. It used to look something like this.  This photographic film was often referred to as cartridge for the camera. Today in 1884, George Eastman received patent for the photographic film. Eastman’s invention revolutionised photography by using coated paper and rollers, rather than heavy glass dry plates, to reproduce images. This invention allowed mass production of a small hand-held box camera filled with rolls of film with … Continue reading 14 Oct : Smile please – Click…Click…Click