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YOU all must have heard the ‘Raja-Rani’ stories from your grandmothers. So much fun !
So is the concept for this internet project.
If history would have taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.
– Rudyard Kipling
Baby steps were taken just a year ago, towards the goal of creating the most diverse historical document in the form of

365 days cycle completed with special tasks achieved in every passing day.  Each day has its own story with diversity. From Inventions to Discoveries, Literature to Science, Sports to Music, Astrology to Astronomy, Information to Inspiration, Hollywood to Bollywood and off course personalities and legends. It has a vast canvas of learning and observation.

Another aspect of this absolutely unique idea is the original research papers, giving insights of media in todays scenario. Media has an influence on almost all of us. It even shapes our thoughts and actions. So it’s important for all of us to understand the minute details of media, its evolution, existence and functioning. Just a read of the research papers would not only upgrade you but also enlighten you with the future perspective. All research lead you to one destination – The New Media.

How happened ?
While going through some quotes, I came across this one.
The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.
– Theodore Roosevelt
Not to mention it inspired me to make a concrete database about the past that would sketch the future. With continuous reading and exploring, I started believing – If you don’t know history, you don’t know anything. Thus, one night in chilling cold of December, a bulb ignited in my mind to explore history to develop the future.

What makes this project unique ?
It is an internet based documentation process, that would go on for years. To start with, ‘‘ has a visual transformation of whatever you go through. You would find yourself in that era while going through a particular story. Pictorial depiction is distinctive and makes the event noteworthy. Black and White videos give an extraordinary touch to the remarkable historical instances. And off course the research angle of each story is the x-factor here.

Where would ‘‘ be after 5 years
Started a couple of years back, it is a comprehensive knowledge bank of our past. It is an asset for the nation. Every time you look at something with an open mind you see something new and unique. That’s what I have done with history and media. I have tried to see it from a completely different perspective calling it the ‘third eye’ version of the past. In the years to come, it would be improvised to be taken as historical reference material.

Who is the pilot of the time machine ‘‘?
Being a media person, writer, reader, researcher, new media explorer… It’s in the genes to keep exploring the world with one or the other eye. I have been a TV Journalist for last 10+ years, produced Prime time shows that include variety of subjects like – News and Current affairs, Science and technology, Health, Crime, Entertainment, Sports, Music, Films, Fashion, Astrology, Astronomy, History, Elections etc. Communication has been my forte while teaching journalism students at various media schools. The experience of being with the learning minds also made me explore the need for this kind of venture.

Love = Support
It takes me hours everyday to create unique content that help you gain the experience while being at ease. It would be a symbiotic relationship in which you can also share your views and contribute for my sustainability/labour at the cost of a cup of coffee. So let’s use this digital space to enrich you everyday by sharing knowledge. It’s simple and delightful. Enjoy !!!