Your Mother is ‘Your Best Friend’

On Mother’s day I was reading a book titled ‘Maa’ by Munavvar Rana… 

ऐ अंधेरे! देख ले मुंह तेरा काला हो गया
मां ने आंखें खोल दी घर में उजाला हो गया 

इस तरह मेरे गुनाहों को वो धो देती है
मां बहुत गुस्से में होती है तो रो देती है 

Receiving Mother’s day messages since early morning. Very nice definitions of mother, duties of mother, past-present-future of being a mother. But, when gave it a thought, I wondered what it means to be a mother to anyone or everyone. 

When I think of a friend, the meaning changes with people and circumstances. But for one person in this world, it remains constant. And that person is my mother. 

We all exist because we have a mother. I don’t need to define ‘mother’, but  being a mother, I felt like sharing some thoughts here. 

Mother, is the only person in this world who knows you the best and from your first breath. When you were so tiny that one can’t even figure you out in the hi-end technology, the ultrasound. But she could feel you, see you and enjoy your existence since then, till her last breath or may be beyond that. 

I don’t know if you do this or not, but you can share anything and everything with your mother. She might seem worse to you at times, when it comes to lifestyle and thinking of the 21st century. But, no doubt, she is the only one who understands your needs, beliefs and expectations. She is always there. Always means always. One has many ups and downs in life, but the only person you could see up to in all good, bad and worse times, is your mother. 

I feel the same for my son. I shout at him, scold him, sometimes feel like beating him, but then automatically I feel vexation. He never takes the scolding seriously, and me and my son are best friends again. He is only 6 and tells me about changing his girlfriends every week… buying new car in night dreams… non-stop demands for food and toys… watching TV when I ask him to study… keeps his room clean saying he doesn’t want to bother me… Last but not the least, he never forgets to tell me how much he loves me before going to sleep. 

I am his best friend today, and want to be the same forever. I don’t possess him, because being a mother doesn’t mean being possessive. But, we share, live, enjoy, freak out, understand, etc.etc together.