6 March : The Historic Periodic Table was born

We all remember this. It’s the Periodic table. We all have studied this in school, more or less in the same shape.
But do you have any idea about the first periodic table. How it looked like ?

Today in 1869, first periodic table was presented to the Russian Chemical Society. Dmitri Mendeleev is called Father of Periodic Table, but Mendeleev did not personally present his breakthrough to the Chemical Society. Ill on the day of the meeting, he asked a colleague to deliver the report.

In his early twenties, Mendeleev had intuited that the elements followed some kind of order, and he spent thirteen years trying to discover it.
Mendeleev had determined that the known elements — 70 at the time — could be arranged by their atomic weights into a table. Modern periodic table has 118 elements. This was the main difference between the modern periodic table and Mendeleev’s periodic table. Mendeleev’s table arranged the elements in order of increasing atomic weight while the modern table orders the elements by increasing atomic number.

The periodic table is a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements by increasing atomic number which displays the elements so that one may see trends in their properties. The Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev is most often credited with inventing the periodic table (1869) from which the modern table is derived.