21 Feb : World’s first telephone directory

You keep on updating Phone book of your mobile phone? It’s so easy to do. Everything in your control with the help of god gifted stylus, your fingers.

But, do you know how this concept of phone book came from. Until a few years back, we used to call this phone book as telephone directory. It was first issued today in 1878. It was a single page of 14 cm. x 21 cm., containing about 50 names. It was issued by New Haven, Connecticut.

Few months later in November, New Haven telephone book was issued containing numerous pages and including advertisements. This was purportedly the first telephone book with more than one sheet of paper.

The telephone directory contained the names and addresses of 391 subscribers who paid $22 per year for service. There were no phone numbers, but there were advertisements and listings of businesses in the back of the book—the first, embryonic “yellow pages.”

1878 में पहली बार टेलीफोन बुक या यूं कहें कि टेलीफोन डायरेक्टरी जारी की गई थी। इसे अमेरिका में कनेक्टिकट के न्यू हेवेन में जारी किया गया। ये एक पन्ने की डायरेक्टरी थी जिसमें तकरीबन 50 नाम थे। कुछ समय बाद कई पन्नों की एक टेलीफोन डायरेक्टरी जारी की गई जिसमें ज़्यादातर विज्ञापन ही थे। विज्ञापनों के अलावा कुछ कंपनियां अपनी सर्विसेज़ के बारे में छपवाती थी। इस डायरेक्टरी में कंपनी का नाम छपवाने के लिए सालाना पैसे देने पड़ते थे। ये बिल्कुल हाल के दिनों के yellow pages के जैसा था।