2 Feb : When Charlie Chaplin made his debut in films ?

The global phenomenon ‘Charlie Chaplin’ first film was “Making a Living”
(Dur: 13 mins)
Must watch the first film of the finest actor, filmmaker, composer and comedian of silent era.

Video Description : Chaplin's character attempts to convince a passerby (director Henry Lehrman) to give him money. Chaplin is then shown flirting with a woman; Lehrman enters to present the woman with flowers and sees Chaplin. A slapstick fight between the two ensues. Later, Lehrman's character takes a photograph of an automobile accident; Chaplin's character steals the camera whilst the journalist is helping a trapped motorist and rushes back to the paper with it to claim the photograph as his own. A short pursuit with the Keystone Kops follows.

This was just beginning, Charlie Chaplin did wonders in his upcoming films and gave a reason to smile to the world. His silent films are the most meaningful and forward looking.
Unseen ‘Charlie Chaplin’