12 Oct : Raincoats exist since 1823

Rain is enjoyed by almost all of us. But only being at home. Having Indian snacks with tea is a must in rainy season. As soon as you have to step out, it’s still ok, You just need to put on your raincoat. Thanks to Scottish chemist Charles Mackintosh who invented waterproof fabrics and led to invention of raincoat. These were also called ‘The Mackintosh’ in the name of its inventor.
charles_macintoshActually Charles Macintosh invented a method for combining rubber with fabric, which was used in the first modern raincoats. Raincoats were made by squeezing liquid rubber in between two pieces of fabric, then pressing them together. As the case with every invention, it was not very successful in the beginning. But with time, these became one of the most useful and household thing.

1823 में आज Scottish chemist Charles Mackintosh ने raincoat की बिक्री शुरु की थी। उस समय waterproof raincoat को इसके आविष्कारक Charles Mackintosh के नाम पर ‘The Mackintosh’ के नाम से भी जाना जाता था।