25 July : World’s first test tube baby was born

Louise Joy Brown, now 38 and a mother of 2 sons, is world’s first human to have been born after conception by in vitro fertilisation, or IVF. She was born in Manchester, England, to parents Lesley and Peter Brown. The healthy baby was delivered shortly before midnight by caesarean section and weighed in at five pounds, 12 ounces.

This video was made from material preserved by the BFI National Archive.

Before giving birth to Louise, Lesley Brown had suffered years of infertility due to blocked fallopian tubes. In November 1977, she underwent the then-experimental IVF procedure. A mature egg was removed from one of her ovaries and combined in a laboratory dish with her husband’s sperm to form an embryo. The embryo then was implanted into her uterus a few days later. And today in 1978 Louis Brown was born.
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Louis brown has a sister Natalie, born several years later, also through IVF. Both of them had natural conception and gave birth to their children.